Tile & Grout Cleaning

Have you tried cleaning your grout lines by hand? As you know, it can be very difficult. Grout is porous and there for can easily be discolored by spills, dirt, and grime. Mopping alone can not remove all of the built up soil on the tile and grout, in fact mopping can sometimes just spread the soil from one place to another. Especially if the mop water is not changed often enough. Texas All Surface uses a procedure known as the C.H.A.T. System. Chemical, Heat, Aggitation, and Time are the elements utilized in the way we clean your floors. With a combination of Heat, High Pressure Water, Chemical, and Suction we use a system that is the most effective way to clean any hard surface. The dirt and grime are extracted, not just spread from one place to another like using a pressure washer. 95% of the water put down is also extracted resulting in a faster drying time. 

Commercial &Residential

Does your tile have Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is the white mineral build up on tile and grout that can change the color of both. It has a white chaulky appearance and can be extremely difficult to remove, and could reappear if not properly removed. Efflorescence usually presents itself where there is hard water source. It can be found on patios near a water faucet, public restrooms close to the hand towels or dryers, near pools, and brick from a sprinkler system. Texas All Surface can successfully remove the efflorescence and stop it from coming back.

Natural Stone & Man Made Tile











Shower & Bathtub Soap Scum & Mildew



Texas All Surface

Texas All Surface can bring your showers and bathtubs back to life by removing most soap scum, rust, and mildew. 

TileGrout Sealer

Tile and grout are rarely sealed after installation leaving the floor vulnerable to stains, dirt, grime, bacteria, mildew, and ect. resulting in discolored grout lines. Sealing the tile and grout not only makes the floors easier to clean and maintain, but also will prolong the life of the floors. Elements such as grease, soil, and bacteria can actually break down the grout overtime causing it to be replaced. Matching the grout can be a pain as well. Sealing can also protect your showers from soap scum and mildew. Trust in Texas All Surface to keep your floors clean and protected!!


  • To maintain good looking healthy floors, we recommend having your floors cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year.
  • We also recommend sealing the floors to protect between cleanings.
  • When mopping, change the mop water often.
  • Do not put down any kind of sealant until the floors have been professionally cleaned before hand. Putting a sealer over a dirty grout line will trap the dirt and grime under the sealer making the floor always appear dirty. 

Unsure if your grout lines will come clean?

Take advantage of our Free Demo where you get to choose the spot to see if it will come clean. We will give it our best shot free of charge to see if it will come clean or not.